We See Value in Waste, and you Should Too.

Through our network you can discover surplus, reclaimed, and other unique materials. We fill the gap between different organizations to capitalize on reuse and recycling opportunities. By creating a more circular economy we maximize a materials life span, capture significant cost savings, and create new business opportunities. We pass these benefits on to our customers by providing reclaimed and used building materials for resale.

Our Mission

To divert waste and capture savings by connecting materials with limited outlets to organizations who can use them.

How can we help you?

We want to be your partner in creating a more circular economy. If you want to find secondary materials or building materials to use in your business take a peak at our Materials Exchange Page where we post available materials for reuse and repurposing. We offer raw materials, commercial materials, and building materials at affordable prices. If your business generates materials you can no longer use and want to see them find a new home and save some money doing it, give us a call or email and we can talk about potential outlets we have for your material. To see past projects with building materials in the Boise area check out our work here.

We Make Reuse Easy

Building sustainability has always been tough. Although some practices are trending in the right direction, we have a long way to go. We figured the least we could do is utilize the material that already exists. The materials that have already been harvested, formed, and shipped around the country, have a deep footprint of resource use, and not to mention unbelievable character and history. We set out to be the connecting force between producers of these materials and end users of them. We’ve helped folks build smaller projects like a shed in their backyard all the way up to building a full size basketball court facility. If this gets you excited, you’ve come to the right place.

The Waste Equals Advantage


By finding ways to put your waste to work we are able to limit the landfill and landfill management costs that many businesses face. While finding alternative uses for by-products there are also opportunities to define new markets and material applications.


The opportunity cost of having employees spend time trying to find partnerships and uses for by-products or surplus materials takes them away from their area of expertise. By using our network we can find the right partnerships for producers and users.


Waste diversion can boost companies to meet various types of regulations. Changing government regulations can cause firms to adapt to new policies and procedures. These changes can slow down the growth of business or take a business away from its core competency. By staying ahead of the curve we can help find new outlets for existing by-products, or new by-products from changing regulations.

Specialty Projects

A unique project often requires a unique scope of materials and inputs. By-products and other repurposed goods can fulfill roles within these projects that traditional materials may not. Working with us helps alleviate the additional project management necessary in sourcing unique materials for these new projects.