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August Newsletter: Project Drawdown

August Already

I don’t know how everyone else feels but I think I blinked this summer and June and July were gone. That being said, we are excited for some things that happened in July and others on the schedule for August. We had some great feedback from our last (and first) newsletter. As always If you like to create with unique goods, or are the sustainability warrior at your company, consider subscribing, all are welcome at our table.

Our product highlight from the last newsletter, the Reclaimed Maple Gym floor from BSU, has partially found a home. Last week we cut 8 pieces to size for “The Block” A new restaurant opening up in Nampa, ID as a part of H&M Meats and Catering. They are going to finish off these pieces with some legs and use them for their new tables…we can’t wait to see them! Keep your eyes peeled for some more furniture on the way with this unique look. You can check out the restaurant and catering service here:

If you haven’t heard of Project Drawdown and you care about our planet, it might be time to take a peak. As one of the steering members of the current workshop in Boise around the Project Drawdown studies, I highly recommend this book/website to people. Project Drawdown lays out the top 100 solutions (with data) that will lead to reversing global warming..and you may be very surprised at what makes the list (I know I was). 

For something to sink your teeth into let’s take a look at Number 35 on the list of solutions, Bamboo. Yes Bamboo is ONE of the ways to help reverse climate change. Bamboo, although it is a grass, has the tinsel strength of steel and the comprehensive strength of concrete. While growing to it’s full size, which it does in one growing season, bamboo sequesters carbon in both biomass and soil. It can grow in some of the most harsh areas and if we use it in place of other materials we can reduce our Co2 by 7.22 gigatons. This implementation will cost 23.79 billion dollars and save 264.8 billion from an operational standpoint on the global scale. There’s a lot of numbers in there, but if you have one take-a-way it’s that bamboo kicks some serious butt!

Product Highlight

Often times when you think of “waste” you think of what is in your trash bin. The same association can ring true with people when we talk about Waste Equals. This months product highlight shows that we offer goods that are far from that “waste” in your trash bin. Coming as surplus from a recent job we have a combination of James Hardie (yeah like the brand name) Fiber Cement siding and trim. The total lot consists of traditional lap siding, Hardie Shake (pictured above), and trim pieces. We are selling this as a complete bundle or by entire product type. There is enough here to do a good sized project like a small apartment building or a large house and garage. James Hardie siding is well known for it’s durability, flame resistance, and look. All of the siding is primed and ready to be painted. Delivery is available here in the Treasure Valley, check out the links below for more information.

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