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July Newsletter: Industrial Symbiosis


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Industrial Symbiosis

Via Linköping University

Industrial Symbiosis sounds pretty scary and pretty complicated. The truth is nature has been doing it around us forever. Many people and businesses have also adapted some of these principles into how they work. The goal here is to give you a quick overview so you can hopefully do the same in your workplace. The best example of industrial symbiosis comes from the city of Kalundborg in Europe (check out the above picture for a flow chart of what they are doing.) In Kalundborg they have set up a system where one business uses the by-product (or waste stream) from another business as its raw material. This method has proven to have substantial benefits for the bottom line as well as a increased rate of resource utilization. An ultra simple example of this is our local wood recyclers. They take excess wood (a by-product) that could easily go to the landfill, and instead, use it as the main raw material when they make wood chips. Symbiosis can show its usefulness in many ways. A Great way to learn more about what Kalundborg is doing, and what your business may be able to take on, is to check out the short video below.

Product Highlight

A few weeks back Waste Equals finished up our biggest project to date. This project was a partnership between us and the flooring contractor in charge of removing the Boise State University Rec Center basketball courts. Over the course of this project we managed to divert over 50,000 lbs. (about 13,000 square feet) of maple basketball courts from the landfill. It was definitely a stressful week, but when I look at our stack of panels now, I can’t imagine all that valuable material in the landfill. We have a few projects lined up but still need to find a home for the majority of this gym flooring. Bar tops, accent walls, and furniture are just a few items that run across my mind. If you or a colleague have a project coming up that could use a little flair and help repurpose a material, reach out to us! If you are interested in any other materials that we currently have available, check our Materials Exchange web page.

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