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November Newsletter: How Much We Diverted

October has been a bustling month for us. Just last week we finished up the delivery of over 10,000 square feet of gym flooring we reclaimed from BSU. What a unique and cool material to find another home for. If anyone has an in on another wood court being replaced in the coming months please let us know, we would love to work with this material again! I’m excited to pick up the phones and emails again this week to get some other materials moving before we head into winter.

We are so grateful for this start to our business and all the customers who have been a part of this achievement. We think Boise is trending in the right direction and can’t wait to see how we get to help next. For anyone else who wants to get involved, we are always interested in finding new suppliers and buyers to plug into our materials exchange. It’s truly rewarding to be a apart of something making such a local impact.

The Economy and Our Environment

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Boise Startup week, I strongly suggest it. The festivities have finished up for this year, but keep your eyes peeled next fall. Each year they have a various assortment of events, presentations, and conversations aligning with various aspects of business. My personal favorite track, the social impact track, put on a great event this year titled “Make Money While Restoring The Environment.” Aside from the gimmicky title, this event boasted some great speakers with a variety of background on this topic.

During the presentation one speaker, Julie Grant, made a fantastic remark to a question about why business should value the environment. I have heard quite a range of answers to this question over the years, including that they shouldn’t, which was disappointing. In response the speaker said, ” look around you, everything in this room, everything that businesses depend on, has been mined or grown. Our economy is a by-product of our biosphere.” Once the dots connected in my head I could not get away from this thought. I knew I now had another excellent answer to the simple question I am frequently faced with from starting a business that IS working to make money while restoring our environment. I’m not denying that it is a priority for businesses to meet shareholders needs (which is a legal obligation). However, this remark makes it very evident to me that businesses that fail to align themselves in some fashion with environmental goals are not only contributing to the degradation of our environment, but also their long-term financial opportunity.

Making this change is hard. That’s why it is important for businesses to know that there are other groups and organizations like Waste Equals to help making these changes easier.

Product Highlight – Filter Cake

Our product highlight this week is geared more towards manufactures and other large scale makers. This product comes from our raw material category and is a high volume generated by-product. It is white in color and easily mold-able with your hands, similar to clay. If you’re more of a visual learner or just have an affinity for random videos, you can check out us playing with this material here. There are over 600 tons of this “filter cake” generated every year that could make a cost effective alternative raw material. Samples and lab analysis are available upon request, let us know if you have any brain blast ideas where this can be used. Thanks for reading folks, enjoy your November!

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