February Newsletter: Deconstruction Junction

Deconstruction Junction

Last month we talked about our new project in partnership with a local builder. The first few weeks have went great and we’ve already found a home for most of the goodies we pulled out. Some of the great things we were able to salvage thus far where all the old solid core doors with glass and brass hardware, a slew of hardware including hooks, drawer pulls, knobs, lighting fixtures, cabinets and trim. In the next few weeks we are going to see lots of siding, windows, tongue and groove, and some ship lap coming our way. This is one of the most interesting houses I have been in. The gentleman who built it put unbelievable detail into every inch of usable space. The house is set up with interesting electrical systems, secret cubbyholes and a full system water system beneath it’s base. Not to mention a full scene of petroglyphs carved into an outdoor water feature. Needless to say, this project has been intriguing and a great sample of materials rich with history.
Deconstruction is a great alternative to traditional demolition. All the materials (from hardware to 2×4’s) that are still usable are taken down on site and either sold for reuse or are directly reused in the project. This process keeps valuable materials out of the landfill, capturing the embodied energy and helping to preserve the history and culture of our area. A recent article published by our Friends at BoiseDev touches on some folks trying to change demolition rules here in Boise to help preserve the historic significance of many of these building. You can find the article Here .
Below are some photos of the project as is stands and a few of the gems we pulled out. All the wall systems are lathe and plaster with a mix of fiber and old newspaper as insulation. I’m still trying to figure out the petrogyph map to find the hidden treasure….


Art Revival – March 1st – Zero Waste Boise Institute

Protect the Clearwater: Forest Plan Comment Workshop – March 2nd – Idaho Conservation League


What to do with extra building materials in Idaho?

At Waste Equals one of the main items we work with is surplus, extra, and discontinued building materials. We help business get some back on materials in a quick and efficient manor, and most importantly, help save you money on building materials. If you have extra we may be interested in buying or taking them from you. If you are looking for cheap building materials in Boise, check out our Materials exchange page or give us a call.

Product Highlight – Calcium Carbonate

This months product highlight may sound familiar to some people as we’ve worked with this material before. Last time one of our customers had calcium carbonate available we were able to work with the City of Boise to re-purpose it for lining their baseball fields. This time, however, we will need to scale up our users significantly. The reason being…there are 250,000 pounds! I gladly invite the use for baseball field lining for all municipalities, universities, and schools. That being said in order to find an outlet for the rest of the material we will need to plug it in at industrial scale. Calcium carbonate is a dry ground white marble powder. It is often used in cast polymer manufacturing, paint manufacturing, joint compound manufacturing, rubber manufacturing, vinyl flooring, and putty and caulk compounds. I have all the specs on the material, and samples are available as well. You can read a little more on our website here.


We think it is really important to hear from our customers and stakeholders on how we can better serve them. If you have supplied material to us, bought from us, partnered with us, or just subscribe to our newsletter we would love to hear from you. You can respond to this email, call us, or even send me a text, no hard feelings here!

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