March Newsletter: Waste Audit

Milner-Butte Landfill Waste Audit

Howdy Folks,

Although there is much to be wary, scared, or upset about right now, try and spend your time spreading joy, help, and gratefulness. I often find that a positive attitude leads to many more positive outcomes in life for not only myself, but also those around me. I’m thankful for my health and safety right now, and that I get to share some pieces of the journey I’ve been on with my business, Waste Equals.

We had an amazing opportunity to work with Warm Springs Consulting, another Boise based, environmentally focused business (You can check them out here), to start a waste characterization study at the Milner-Butte Landfill. Long story short, we sorted through trash! You can really learn a lot about our country and our culture by what we send to the landfill. I knew there would be a lot, but the two categories that still managed to surprise me were the amount of food waste and the amount of plastic film we sorted through. In order to get an accurate representation of the waste stream coming from southwest Idaho we will be doing two more sorting sessions later this year.

My Best Find: A brand new, never used exercise ball
My Funniest Find: A 40lb block of cheese (I didn’t know they came that big)
My Most Disappointing find: Tons of uneaten produce
My Worst Find: Well, I’ll save that one for in person…

Here’s A Fun One

We worked really hard (thanks to my wife Mara) to get this pallet ready for a customer in California. This pallet is going to a media company for their new office. The media agency does lots of work with Nike and is planning on putting this gym flooring on their walls in their new conference room. It was a lot of work to process all the flooring down to individual planks, but the look will be spectacular. Can’t wait to see the funfetti pattern finished, keep your eyes peeled for some sneak peaks.

Product Highlight – Cultured Marble

This months product highlight is the cultured marble we have in stock. For those who may not know, cultured marble is a man-made product that emulates natural marble. It is frequently used in bathrooms as shower wall surrounds, vanity tops, or trim pieces. We have a variety of sheets with different colors and sizes. The pictures above gives you a taste of some of the swirl products and how they were used in a bathroom. We also have “blank” colors that don’t have any accent swirls. This material is easy to work with, cut, and install. $8 per square foot for one piece, $7 for two, and $6 for more than two. You can come take a look in person, or see our inventory on our website here

Thanks to all who have helped in some way with Waste Equals.

Unique Materials Store Boise

Waste Equals is the home of the unique, one of a kind, can’t find anywhere material supplier. Our methods of receiving material are unordinary, so naturally our materials are unordinary too. If you have a building or art project, Waste Equals has a unique material in Boise for you.

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