May Newsletter: Adaptive Reuse

Hi Everyone,

As we continue to progress through the phases or reopening we hope everyone is getting their groove back on, safely that is. Today we want to tell you a bit about adaptive reuse, some projects in May,  and some new material that we have coming into stock. We are open for business and can meet with customers by appointment.

Adaptive Reuse

You may not know adaptive reuse as a tool on the sustainability belt, but it has found it’s home in many new chic downtown buildings, malls, and old warehouse type office buildings.  Adaptive reuse is just like re purposing materials, but with buildings. Maybe it’s converting a once upon a time factory into a new beer garden and brewery, or using an old mill as a rock climbing gym. We’ve seen some projects in our area that apply principles of adaptive reuse, like Camel’s back park using the old Bogus Basin Lift cables on their staircase.

I think the adoration of this concept as been fueled by our growing desire and appreciation for old, reclaimed, and originality. Whether it’s becasue we realize that “they don’t make it like they used to” or we just appreciate the variety available when we adapt something existing to a new use vs building new… it  doesn’t bug me, as long as we are doing it!

Adaptive reuse IS one of the “sexier” pieces of sustainability making it an easy win-win for all parties involved. It’s by-products usually include things like urban renewal, inexpensive development, materials utilization, and historic preservation. Lot’s of good things for lot’s of groups of people, including the end user who gets to claim this unique and significant property as their HQ.

This trend deserves to become a staple of our culture.

Garden Party

This isn’t our norm, but I wanted to share this neat little project we worked on. We partnered with a local welder to build some trellis for a long time trusty customer of Waste Equals. I’d say they look pretty good for being built with others’ “trash” huh?


That was the only headline I could think of to describe this project. A few months back we showed you guys a pallet of gym flooring heading out the door to a marketing agency in California. Good news, it made it’s way onto the wall, and boy does it look sharp. A few final cuts and it will be all finished. A great project to share whilst we discuss adaptive reuse.

Product Highlight – Brick

Every time I say brick, the song “brick house”  by the commodores pops right into my head. That aside, this week we got in LOTS of bricks. There are various colors and patterns to choose from for your project and some pretty solid quantities to take on some bigger projects. Home owner, contractor, builder, we have some options for you to save some money and help the circular economy. Once we finish inventory this week we will add everything to our materials exchange. For now, some pictures to take a sneak peak.

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