June Newsletter: We’re Coining a Phrase

We’re Coining a Phrase!

Howdy Folks,

I’m not sure if the weeks feel longer or shorter, but I can say they feel different. This Newsletter will let you in on what we have been up to, and how we may be able to work together.

It seems like all the words in the “re” realm have been exhausted by now. Recycling, re purposing, reclaimed, reuse. Don’t get me wrong; these are some of my favorite things. During our last big project when folks would ask about the project, I struggled to formulate words on what exactly we were doing.  After a few word vomit answers, I decided to start saying that it was a re-construction project, or building with secondary materials. I’m not sure if it’s been used yet, and I hope I’m not going to get a call from a trademark attorney, but to me, it’s the best answer for what we were (and hopefully will) be doing.
In this re-construction project we partnered with a contractor to build a deck, gate, and a few planter boxes. We used as many secondary materials as possible, ensuring a solid and long lasting product. We were thrilled, as was the customer, with our ability to capture their vision. This is an essential part of every project, and we pride ourselves in it WHILE using secondary materials. We managed to use secondary materials for everything outside of the deck and gate framing and all the fasteners. Let your eyes feast on some pictures below. A variety of contractors and homeowners have partnered with us on different levels to deliver usable, unique secondary materials for their projects. If you may be interested in having your vision captured and find it important to build consciously, give us a call or email and we can have a good chat about it.
As for Re-construction, it seems to be the most encompassing phrase to use when we build final products for customers out of our secondary materials. As of now we have reconstructed smaller projects like building signage and furniture to bigger ones like this deck or our deconstruction project. Who knows what may be next. Do you?
Many of you have seen some of our past projects on this newsletter or our Instagram. Now you can see many more on our updated Additional Resources page on our website.

Product Highlight – Open Cell Foam

We have a continuous supply of this great foam material. We’ve had companies use it for packaging material, upholstery, furniture and art. The material is usually oddly shaped, but can be cut to shape for your needs. It is clean material with great cushion and projection properties ranging in size between 4 and 10 inches thick. You can read more about the foam Here

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