About Us

We are the middle man for materials. We work to build a more sustainable Idaho by connecting businesses who generate by-products, surplus, or other second hand materials with other organizations who can utilize them.

What does that look like?

Materials Resale

  • Locally we work with contractors, manufacturers, builders, and distributors to supply surplus or reclaimed materials for resale and reuse in other projects.


  • We offer brokerage services for larger quantities of useable materials.


  • We process by-products for reuse. This includes things like cutting an item to specific sizes, de-nailing wood, or otherwise changing the format of the material to make it more useful or useable.


  • Lot’s of folks love what we are doing and want to support our mission, but don’t know how they can work with the materials we offer. We offer fabrication services using our reclaimed and secondary materials to build things like signage, furniture, and other items so it can be easy to support what we do, and get the products you need.


  • We have have helped other businesses with projects on materials management planning and by-product utilization. If you need a fresh take on a stale problem, we would love to work with you.

“We aim to have our business be an example of success for the triple bottom line, or the people, the planet, and profit. Our goal is to have a positive impact in our society, with no stakeholder left behind. ”

-Benjamin Stauss, Founder

Typical Organizations We Work With

  • Manufacturers
  • Builders
  • Developers
  • Artists
  • Universities
  • Distributors
  • Designers
  • Contractors
  • Architects
  • Cities
  • Small Businesses
  • Property Managers

If you want to learn more about what we do, or think you may have a project or material need, contact us today.

Who We’ve Worked With

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