My name is Benjamin Stauss, and I’m the Founder of Waste Equals. Waste Equals started out as a way for me to repurpose goods that businesses were throwing away or could no longer use. After all, one persons trash is another’s treasure. I loved being able to put these items to good use, especially since many were previously destined for the landfill. Businesses in particular seemed to have a unique (and large) selection of goods. As the idea dwelled in my head and grew in scale I was able to put the tires to the pavement in my senior year at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I chose to do two independent research projects on the feasibility of starting a business that connects producers and users of by-products and waste materials. As my research grew, so too did my “little” idea. After graduating, I decided to put my ideas to the test and help give businesses a better outlet for unusable materials while supporting reuse.

We know the most effective way to do this is through our support of the triple bottom line, or the people, the planet, and profit. As we continue to run our business, our underlying goal is to have a positive impact in our society, with no stakeholder left behind.

If you think your business may generate or be able to use secondary materials, please contact us. We are always open to new collaborations.