Industrial Symbiosis

Industrial Symbiosis is when one organization uses the waste or by-products from another organization. These two (or multiple) businesses form a symbiotic relationship, just as we see in many forms in nature. Waste Equals forms the connection point between these businesses who may not otherwise communicate or be aware of the available materials. We learn about the who, what, where, when, and how’s of the material and it’s production. We then post the material on our materials exchange page and layout the path to forming a symbiotic relationship in here in Boise, in Idaho, or anywhere in the Pacific Northwest that makes sense.

There are still lots of opportunities for industrial symbiosis in Idaho. We look to other cities, like klaugenborg in Denmark. They have achieved this  industrial symbiosis on a large scale in their city. The video below dives into their operation if your interested in taking a look. It is important to draw from other successes as we continue to facilitate these relationships in Idaho. ]