Reusable Foam Brick Ice Packs

Thermosafe Polar Pack Foam Brick ice packs (FPP20). Refrigerant bricks are vacuum-sealed for consistent shape and weight. These semi-rigid foam bricks never change shape during thawing, freezing, or transit, enabling superior surface contact and more consistent temperature control. bulk Discounts are available, call or email to order this second life Thermosafe Polar Pack Foam Brick. Each pack has only been used once breifly and has plenty of life left in it. We also have plastic ice packs in stock.

Weight: 20.5 Ounces each.

Price$32 for a case of 20 Ice Packs. Bulk Pricing available.
Size5" x 7" x 1"
Amount Available20 per Month
LocationAda County
Flow TypeContinuous
ConditionUsed once, New Quality