Douglas Fir Flooring Reclaimed Old Growth Wood

Beautiful reclaimed Douglas Fir flooring. This old growth Douglas fir is a mix of clear vertical grain and mixed grain. The tongue and groove Douglas fir comes de-nailed and ready to be installed. Installs will need a quick sand (which is normal) once finished. This original Douglas Fir Flooring has been reclaimed from various old homes in the Boise area that are set for demolition or being remolded. This lumber is carefully removed board by board in order to be preserved.

Using this salvaged flooring is one of the best ways to match existing Douglas fir flooring. If you are adding on to your home or need to match flooring this wood is the same old growth timber that you probably have. The newly milled  Fir Flooring typically doesn’t have the same Patina that the old material has. This wood also make a unique and stunning flooring in new construction. the long lengths and slightly wider plank will give your home or office a look and style that can’t be duplicated. Check out the photos below that show the material close up as well as the finished product once reinstalled in a home. You can also see more examples in our past projects section. Samples are available upon request, please contact if needed.

Price$6 per Square Foot
Size3(1/4)" x 3/4" x (2-18 feet)
Amount Available100 Square Feet
LocationAda County
Flow TypeOne Time