Reclaimed Gym Flooring Basketball Court

We have various options of reclaimed maple gym flooring basketball court. This maple used basketball court has been reclaimed from various schools, gyms, or other facilities. Material like this tells a great story and adds some flair to a number of retail, commercial, industrial, or residential spaces. You can bring new life to this material through many uses, such as furniture, butcher block, wall coverings, bar tops, or the most common, you can rebuild it into an affordable used hardwood maple basketball court or used sports court.

We often have a variety of floors on hand that come in many different styles. Some of the basketball court gym flooring is at the end of it’s life as as a basketball court and is ready to take on new life as an accent wall, or piece of art. However, most of our reclaimed gym flooring has years left in it and with a little elbow grease you can turn it back into a functional and affordable sports court or used basketball floor. Most of the material we sell is in panel form (typically 4×8 or 5×7 feet). The panels come with all sub flooring attached, which can varies based on the court. The most common types are a plywood sub floor or a floating floor sleeper system. We usually sell the material as-is in order to get you the lowest price and let you fit the material to your project. We can also process the panels into individual planks (just as new flooring would come) which usually makes for a simpler install process, and a more familiar material to work with. If you have other ideas in mind we are happy to talk about your project and work with you to provide reclaimed basketball court in the best possible form. Our Diagram below talk more about using planks vs panels, and below that you can see our current inventory in a drop down chart.

As you can see in our Past Projects section or the photos on this page, our customers have dreamed up many ways to utilize this unique material. Our pricing for reclaimed basketball court varies based on quantity, condition of the maple, and form of the material. We sell the material by the square foot, in quantities as small as one panel or as big as a full truckload. We can ship anywhere in the USA. If you are interested in buying some reclaimed basketball court and want to get a quote or more information about our current inventory you can contact us by phone or email. Our current inventory and types of courts available are listed below. No matter how you choose to use it, this reclaimed maple basketball court gym flooring is one of a kind.

Current Reclaimed Gym Flooring Inventory

7/8 Inch High School Court Planks

  • 12,000 Square Feet
  • Never been nailed, from a clip in system
  • High quality, salvaged plank by plank
  • Lots of wear surface left
  • 3rd and better grade

3/4 Inch High School Court Plywood Panels

  • 10,700 Square Feet
  • Two sheets of 1/2 inch plywood sub floor
  • Cut into 3.5×7 foot panels

1 Inch Maple Floating Floor

  • 800 Square Feet
  • 2×3 inch Sleeper sub floor system with rubber pad
  • 3×10 feet panels

3/4 Inch BSU Rec Center Planks

  • 200 square feet in planks
  • Minimal lining

25/32 Inch High School Court Plywood Panels

  • 7,200 Square Feet
  • 3.5 x 8 ft. Panels
  • Two Sheets of (1/2 inch) Subfloor

1(1/2) Inch Thick Maple Floor Panels

  • 728 Square Feet
  • 3.5 x 8 Foot Panels
  • Plywood and Sleeper Subfloor

Other Used Basketball Court Projects and Past Material.

Price$1.50 - $6.00 per square foot , contact for updated pricing.
Size2' x 2' - 4' x 8'
Amount Available20,500 Square Feet
ColorTan - Maple
LocationBoise, ID
Flow TypeSingle