Shoddy Felt

Recycled Shoddy Felt, also commonly referred to as shoddy pad or mattress felt. This material comes in individual sheets that range in size from 20 to 42 square feet. Each sheet is about (1/2) inch thick and consists of compressed textiles and felt materials. The sheets are flexible, fold able, and can easily be cut. These sheets may fit various need in your business such as shipping cushioning, floor liners, or product protection. These textile sheets are a great low cost option that also allows your business to use reclaimed and recycled shoddy felt. We are looking to find users near Idaho or Utah who have a need for a materials like this as is. We are also willing to explore use as a raw material or component material within another product. If you would like to discuss this or see work we have done in the past with this materials please contact us.

This material is sold by the bale, each bale contains 100-125 shoddy felt blankets and weights around 800 pounds. Each blanket is individual within the bale. This a great opportunity to be a part of the circular economy.

Samples are available upon request.

shoddy felt
PriceContact for details
SizeRanging from 38" x 75" to 72" x 84"
Amount Available32 Bales Per Month
Flow TypeContinuous