November Newsletter : The Pendulum of Responsibility

The Pendulum of Responsibility

Welcome! No matter the reason you are tuning in this week, thank you for being here.

The last few weeks I have gotten a little frustrated at the recycling bin. I want to do the right thing, but I also want to be realistic about the time and effort I can put into something like this.

I would label myself as someone who is Eco-conscious (probably more than the next guy). I am almost always willing to take the extra step to be a companion to our environment that I cherish. This looks very different in different parts of my life. Sometimes it means it’s buying a different product, sometimes it’s cleaning up after myself, and others it’s riding my bike in the rain. Most of the time, I would argue that there are also inherent benefits for myself by choosing these activities (beyond those we all benefit from like clean air and water). One of the things that doesn’t hold this statement true is consumer recycling.

Although I will take recycling over the alternative, Recycling to me is our very human way of not so adequately dealing with the problem at hand. It feels good to recycle, yes. And, for some things, like precious metals, the markets and systems are great. For me as a consumer going to recycle bin in our kitchen, it’s really hard. It’s made even more difficult when I do a waste audit and realized that my problem is multiplied by the 200,000 some thousand people just in my city. I realize I can avoid some things like plastic film packing by buying in reusable bulk bags, which we do, but as someone who is trying for support options that help eliminate this issues, they are hard to find, or hard to convert to.

This kanundrum points out one of the large areas of question in the sustainability realm, and capitalism as a whole. Who is responsible for the issue we are creating? Part of the inability to define an answer to this question is that there is widespread disagreement to whether there is a problem in the first place. Ignoring that point for the sake of conversation, the pinnacle is the pendulum of responsibility and whether it falls on businesses, consumers, or both. To simplify, who is as fault (and thus responsible for providing a solution? If our seafood is ingesting plastic that is finding its way into the ocean, are consumers at fault for buying it in the first place and not properly disposing of it, or are plastic manufactures at fault for putting something like this into the marketplace?

Posing these questions opens up a whole can of worms that goes well beyond this newsletter. Today this is where we will leave the conversation, but take this thought with you. When you see a problem, go through the steps that caused it. Where does the responsibility lay?

A Gym Floor Kind of Month

This month we sold 2 gym floors. It probably seems to you guys that we are starting to specialize in this “best selling” item becasue it’s all you hear about. We are pleased that the gym flooring is our most nationally reaching product. We sold the first floor to an outfit in Florida from a gym in Arkansas. The 2nd gym floor was out of a Boise gym going to The Guru School in North Carolina, a basketball training center.

It feels great to help these outfits met their budget needs to open the business of their dreams. It feels twice as great knowing the journey this gym floor has made and that it’s life will continue to be utilized. Thank you to all involved, this was a strong way for us to begin to round out our year, which was challenging at times as many of you know.  Hopefully there are photos to come of the finished product.

Newsletters Going Forward

It’s been a joy to bring each of you these newsletters monthly for the last year and a half. I hope I have introduced people to new concepts, new materials, and have given you a taste of what we are working on. We want to keep on bringing you information and opportunities to work with us, but as far as the newsletter goes, we will no longer provide monthly updates after our December newsletter. Instead we will aim for quarterly updates that bring you the big projects and big concepts for the quarter, and less of the nitty gritty you have been seeing.

If you are still interested in the nitty gritty, the day-to-day, that type of content will be going on our Instagram page in a more unrefined matter. We look forward to seeing you there.

Product Highlight – Handcrafted Tile

We have 4 Pallets of these handcrafted ceramic tiles. Horus Art Ceramiche glazed ceramic subway tiles come in three shades including RETRO Fumo, RETRO Perla, and RETRO Sand. Each tile is 3×6 inches and 3/8 inches thick. Also, Available is the RETRO Decortes (the decorative tiles seen below).

2,000 Square feet available!