Gym Flooring

Used Gym Floor Office Wall

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A marketing firm covered the walls of their conference room with reclaimed maple planks from Waste Equals. They do a lot of work with sports companies, what an amazing office space for employees and customers to come into. This was 3/4 inch maple planks from a basketball court in Idaho.


1x6 Cedar Tongue and Groove Wall

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We sold 6 bunks of this cedar 1x6 tongue and groove wood. Our customers used it for accent walls, saunas, soffits, and ceilings., and wall coverings like this photo.


Calcium Carbonate To Baseball Lining

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One of the manufacturers that we work with recently got a full truck load of calcium carbonate they could not use. This white powdered material was micro contaminated so it could not be used by them, but the contamination was not noticeable with the naked eye. Waste Equals reached out to our local parks and recreation department to see if they had interest to repurpose it for their baseball and softball field lining. The calcium carbonate worked perfectly for their needs and we were able to find a new use for this previously unusable material, what a home run!