Calcium Carbonate

We have a bulk amount of white calcium carbonate powder. The branded MICRO-WHITE® 100 is a medium particle size, dry ground marble. This is the preferred product for joint compound manufacture, ceiling paint, and a number of other latex and polymer applications. It is most often used for it’s filler, pigment, and coloring properties. To show its re purposing power, we worked with the City of Boise Parks and Rec Department to re purpose this powder for lining their baseball fields.

The bulk calcium carbonate is available in super sacks. It is new virgin material that has not been contaminated or tainted in any way. You may use this calcium carbonate as a filler in your product, a neutralizing agent, or repurpose it otherwise. Get a great deal by buying secondary materials like this. Call or email for a quote.


PriceDepending on Quantity
Size50 lb bags and 2000 lb supersack
Amount Available300,000 lbs
LocationAda County
Flow TypeSingle