Reclaimed Basketball Court Gym Flooring Panels

Large reclaimed panels of 19 year old maple basketball court gym flooring. These panels have a substrate base with tongue and groove finished wood top. Each panel has unique markings from different sections of the basketball court. 5/8 thick tongue and groove maple on top of 2 inches of a plywood and foam cleat system. Unstained with a clear urethane topcoat and some painted markings. Weight and panel size vary. Panels are sold unprocessed (With all the plywood attached), please inquire to purchase processed panels, or for wholesale pricing.

These panel can be used to accent a number of retail, commercial, industrial, or residential spaces. The repurpose ideas are endless, you can make furniture (such as the coffee table/bench in the photos), accent walls, bar tops, and many more things.

Price$3.90 per Square foot
Size1' x 5' - 5' x 7'
Amount AvailableAbout 2,000 Square feet - 70 panels
ColorTan - Maple
LocationBoise, ID
Flow TypeSingle